Kate Nyx

the artist formerly known as hayley jane

Kate Nyx, "The Stripologist",  is a showgirl, songwriter, and seamstress from Philadelphia, PA. 

May 7

Spoutwood Farm Faerie Festival - Glen Rock, PA

Kate has been attending the Spoutwood Farm Faerie Festival for 16 years and volunteering for 12. She is now one of the coordinators of the event and can be seen throughout the weekend, playing make believe!

8:00 pm20:00

Burlesque Class - Philadelphia, PA

All About That Face




Learn to serve your face up hot in this bubbly burlesque crash course! Designed for all skill levels, but specifically for beginners, this facial expression intensive combines classic choreography with improv comedy for an hour of fast fun. Whether you’re a burlesque fan looking for a peek behind the curtain or a performer who wants to rehab their mopey mug, this class will help shimmy and shake you out of your comfort zone.

Dress so you can move comfortably; if you need practice in your heels, this is the chance to wear them!

Sign up at katenyx.com/classes

12:30 pm12:30

Burlesque Class - Troy, NY

  • The Arts Center

No Glove, No Love: Burlesque Narrative Workshop

March 18th, 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
The Arts Center of the Capital Region
$20 per person day of workshop

Almost every classic burlesque number starts with a glove peel; this class uses that burlesque basic to explore the narrative power of striptease. Dive deeper into your relationship with your costumes and learn how simple glove removal can be a powerful storytelling tool, as well as discuss different types of glove removal and how playing with your clothes can help you linger in the climax of your last reveal. Time to turn up the heat and get weird!

You will need to bring a pair of gloves, gauntlets, or sleeves; the choice is yours.

Sign up at katenyx.com/.classes

Apr 21

Philadelphia's Burlesque Battle Royale

  • Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar

Every Thursday night at Tabu from Feb 23-April 20, Kate is part of a panel of judges for the Philadelphia Burlesque Battle Royale. The Battle Royale is a burlesque pageant designed to help performers of all skill and experience levels test their creative limits.

Click here to learn more.

Jun 14

Maryland Fairie Festival

Kate will be performing throughout the weekend on the stages and streets of Maryland Fairie Festival.