Kate Nyx

maker. musician. faerie. feminist.

Kate Nyx, "The Stripologist",  is a showgirl, songwriter, and seamstress from Philadelphia, PA. 


Who is kate Nyx?

Kate Nyx is a Philadelphia-based seamstress, songwriter, and showgirl. Raised in dressing rooms and sewing studios, Kate’s life long relationship with the stage in evident in her fierce and fiery performances. Since her debut in 2008, she’s performed her bombastic brand of bump and grind all over the continental US, and is happy to share her knowledge of burlesque with anyone willing to learn. 

Though she's been performing her original music for over a decade, Kate didn't find her feisty feminist folk style until 2011. Splicing storytelling and comedy in between her soulful and sometimes sorrowful songs, her naughtily nihilistic performances have enchanted audiences around the country.

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