Kate Nyx

maker. musician. faerie. feminist.

Kate Nyx, "The Stripologist",  is a showgirl, songwriter, and seamstress from Philadelphia, PA. 

"I'm exorcising demons"; The New Title of the New Record

After discovering that "Devil Makes Three" is not only my favorite lyric in a folk song, but also a wildly popular folk band, I made the decision to change the title of my record. Originally, I was in the "no big deal, right?" camp, but I'm already sharing a name with an amazing singer songwriter [we're cool, we've been sharing the name for a decade or so now without much overlap] and I decided I didn't need more potential to be confused with other people, especially after some of my fans thought that the record was going to include said wildly popular folk band. So, I set out on finding a new name for my new record.

I've always been a fan of naming things. My phone is Edie, my laptop is Sedgwick, my ukuleles are Marilyn and Marlene, my sewing machines are Lily and Lorelei, my guitar is Yoko Ono, my Dodge Caravan was Darlene. Anything important to me has a name, and gets inevitably personified and talked to like a baby or pet. My records tend to go through naming phases; they're named something for a long period of time and then, last minute, they get changed to something entirely different. I thought this record would be different, what with the Kickstarter saying it is named something and all, but it turns out it is only an outlier in being renamed before the last week of production.

My first record, soliloquy, which I was then calling my second record because I counted the 10 song demo I made in my freshman year of highschool as my first record, was originally titled "Goblin Princess." I had recently discovered the movie the Labyrinth and I was obsessed with Jareth the Goblin King, so I figured I would call myself the Goblin Princess and that's what I would name my record. The album was recorded in a period of a couple months by myself and my ex-boyfriend Zac Anger, who is one of the most talented people I have ever met and has had to put up with more shit from me over the past decade than probably anyone else in my life besides my mother. The recording process was exactly was dramatic as the record turned out; I ended up cheating on my long distance boyfriend with Zac in the vocal booth, having several panic attacks, and my mother and stepfather had to have the "should we send her to a hospital" conversation after a very difficult weekend involving an emergency Ativan prescription. At the end of production, I renamed the record "soliloquy", inspired by the Bard and my desire to proclaim "BY ME, ABOUT ME."

My second record, "...idiot child.", was recorded over a period of about a week and a half in the basement of the first house I ever signed a lease for, about two weeks before I broke the agreement on that lease and started living in my van. I recorded it entirely by myself, with very little input from other people, which is why the mixing kind of goes to shit the last few tracks. I had planned on naming that record "the last word." and even had a cover for years before I started recording. I even have some of the demos for it saved under that album name still. It was a rib at an ex of mine who said I always had to have the last word. The final name, "idiot child", came out of nowhere right at the end of me recording. I don't even really like it. I don't have any reason why I named it that. I came up a with reasons later [that my heart was the "idiot child"] I just renamed it out of nowhere.

"Devil Makes Three" was going to be named as such because it's my third record, it's a line from a favorite folk song of mine, and some of the songs on the record mention theology and demonology. The new title has far more meaning. 

It's far more of an imagery based idea than DM3, but also relates to the healing powers inherent in music for me. This, I hope, will be the last record I write about Mr. Domestic Rhapsody. Producing it is like burning sage for me; I'm cleaning out my brain of his presence, but also the presence of my anxiety and depression now voiced by him in my head. "Silver bullets", because one; I'm very about cowboy/outlaw imagery and I always imagine silver bullets coming from fancy six shooters, and two; it's what you use to kill demons and other monsters, again, personifying my anxiety as a being that I have to exorcise and slay.

Love always,

Hayley Jane