Kate Nyx

maker. musician. faerie. feminist.

Kate Nyx, "The Stripologist",  is a showgirl, songwriter, and seamstress from Philadelphia, PA. 

Get it together, clown! Your limbs are out of control! How are you ever going to stay dressed if you can't keep your hands out from under your skirt?!

A runner transporting a dangerously magical piece of technology is lured by it's sensual call; will she be devoured or become more powerful than ever imagined? This act has appeared at the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival and FIERCE! International Queer Burlesque Festival.

A steam-powered stripper from the depths of a magical landfill in the middle of a labyrinth.

"It's morphin' time!"

"I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars..." This number begins as a stoic, classic striptease to Flobots "Handlebars", but things take a dramatic turn. My  "burlesque thesis" holds true, as the act culminates in an exquisite exchange of energy between audience and performer.


"Music Box Marching Band" is a quirky comedic striptease that focuses on teaching an audience how to react to burlesque. What made that glove so hard to get off? We may never know. This act won first place at the Heavy Rebel Weekender Wiggle Room Queen competition in 2013.